Dev Diary - Sub-Strata World Scale

Dev Diary - Sub-Strata World Scale

World scale

I thought this would be neat to show the scale of the world I'm building. This upper part of the image is half of the area the player can move around in. That brown curved line is the ground as it slopes down the continental shelf and continental rise until settling at an almost flat ocean floor (mine is a little curved due to updates I need to make in the tile sections).

I put a black arrow at the far left pointing to a tiny square, that square represents the player's screen showing the lower part of the of the image.

This half of the ocean is 2000 game units wide and 600 game units deep. That is 20000 meters wide and 6000 meters deep (which is the start of the Hadal zone for trenches).


This is a large feature to implement! I have made roughly 26 sections to be placed as the level built and I haven't even started on the large sections like trenches, seamounts (underwater mountains), and some west-coast specific sections I need.

I did get the floor object generator in, so everything has plants, rocks, sunken ships, lining the ocean floor.

The world is coming together!

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