Mad Hatter Worlds AR Tower Defender

Mad Hatter Worlds AR Tower Defender

It is fun to tinker around with new technology. In the video game world I like to see how different or new technology could be used as a premise of a game. This is what draws me to Augmented Reality; I don't think a great use for it has really been found for video games.

You can point to Pokemon Go, and that is a use of it, but I am not convinced that AR is needed for it. I have seen similar games (i.e. Ingress from the same makers, Nianti) who use geolocated gameplay without the need for AR. What did augmented reality bring to Pokemon Go?

Here is my submission to the technology. A simple tower defense game using our Mad Hatter Worlds logo as the AR marker to place the tower you defend against waves of the undead.

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I believe the benefit to AR is mobility to interact with the environment; to move around while playing without the constraints of a Virtual Reality headgear.

Over time I'll expand the demo/business card into a full game. Watch this space for updates on new powers, new monsters, and a whole new play mode.

For this game I used the Unity Assets of:

Tower Defense

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Christopher Axthelm

Creator of Mad Hatter Worlds games. Facinated with logic, world building, and software systems.

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