After UpJump, my next largest game design is Sub-Strata. Back in the days of the original GameBoy I had "Hunt for Red October" and loved the gameplay of roaming around an ocean. While that game was in stages, I thought it would be neat to give a scaled "open world" ocean complete with the massive crushing depths all the way down to the Hadal zone found in the deepest trenches. Who knows what you may find there sleeping?

So what started as a quick "lets make a game about submarines" became a larger project and will eventually be released on the Nintendo Switch and as many other consoles as possible.

Getting this game to Alpha is my current goal. I would like to make local/splitscreen multiplayer, but I'm spending more of my time ensuring the game is polished and shines right now. For that Desix has been absolutely the best artist creating the steampunk/robotic look. I have given him some strange descriptions on how robotic sea creatures might look and he has stuck with me.

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